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Asian Mood Themes

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese Mood Themes.

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Promote Asian-related mood themes for LiveJournal users!


Asian Mood Themes was made to make it easier for LiveJournal users to find Asian-related mood themes. Examples of "Asian" subjects include musicians (e.g. Utada Hikaru, TVXQ, Joey Yung), actors (e.g. Takuya Kimura, Yeonhee Lee, Ariel Lin, Daniel Henney), dramas (e.g. Hana Yori Dango, Coffee Prince, It Started with a Kiss), movies (e.g. Death Note, My Sassy Girl, Red Cliff) etc. Anime/manga/comics subjects are also allowed.

01 No spamming. You are only allowed to advertise your mood themes.
02 Requesting is not allowed. However, mood theme makers are allowed to take requests from members.
03 All mood themes must be directly Asian-related (eg. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese etc.). Anime/manga subjects are allowed.
04 Please show at least three mood theme examples in your advertisement. A full preview is preferred.
05 Although it is preferred for you to directly post the mood theme here at the community, a link to your personal journal is fine. If you are doing that, make sure that the post you are linking to remains public at all times.
06 Please remember to tag your post after you've posted!
07 Do not disable comments in your posts! It doesn't matter if it contains links out to your personal graphics community, but by disabling comments, your posts automatically warrants deletion.

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